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Friday, May 25, 2012

SVP Weather Map daily forecast

I got the IT guys at work to find a dusty old PC and to install Linux on it.  Tucked safely away in a corner somewhere, it's running a daily script that downloads the RTOFS 144 hour forecast and then produces SVP Weather Maps.  These are then dumped on the FTP server where they are publicly available after an anonymous FTP login.

You can find the daily forecast here: Today's SVP Weather Map.

If you're a command line scripter, you might be interested in the details of the script:


source ~/.bash_profile


# This forces us to download yesterday's grids since we want the full 144 hour forecast and that won't be
# available until the end of today.
#day=`date -v -1d '+%Y%m%d'`
day=`date --date="yesterday" '+%Y%m%d'`


cd /home/jbeaudoin/data/RTOFS
mkdir -p $day
cd $day

for hour in 024 048 072 096 120 144;

        echo "Doing hour" $hour

        echo "Retrieving" $name
        wget -N $name

        echo "Retrieving" $name
        wget -N $name


        echo "Doing " $hour $temperature_file $salinity_file

        # Do the uncertainty analysis, it dumps out a results_YYYYMMDD.dat file
        svp_rtofs \
                -angular_sector 120 \
                -draft 5 \
                -t $temperature_file \
                -s $salinity_file

        # Daily download footprint is 24GB.  No need to hang on

        # to these so clearing them out.
        rm $temperature_file
        rm $salinity_file

rm .gmt*
makecpt -Crainbow -T0/0.5/0.1 -Z -D > uncertainty.cpt
gmtset CHAR_ENCODING ISOLatin1Encoding

today=`date '+%Y%m%d'`

for f in *.dat;

        prefix=`get_prefix $f`

        # results_20120524.dat
        datestamp=`basename $prefix | awk -F_ '{print $2}' `

        rm $prefix.grd
        cat $f | awk '{if (NF == 3) {printf("%.7f %.7f %.2f\n", $2,$1,$3);} }' | nearneighbor -I3m -S10m -R-180/180/-75/80 -N8/1 -G$prefix.grd
        grdimage $prefix.grd -R -JM8i -K -Xc -Y1.75i -Q -Cuncertainty.cpt -K > $

        pscoast -R -J -O -K -Gblack -W0.1p -Dl -A500/0/1 -B30g30/20g20 -Wthinner,black -U >> $

        echo "60 50 20 0 1 BL $datestamp" | pstext -R -J -O -Gyellow -K >> $

        psscale --LABEL_FONT_SIZE=15p -D4.0i/-0.5i/6i/0.3ih -O -Cuncertainty.cpt -B0.1:"Depth Uncertainty, 60\260 beam angle (%w.d., 2@~s@~)": >> $

        ps2raster -A -Tg -E600 $

        convert -rotate 90 $prefix.png $prefix.png

        if [ $datestamp -eq $today ]; then
                # We always provide a "today" file so that people can
                # bookmark the today file on the FTP site.
                cp $prefix.png today.png

        gzip -f $f



At the end of the script, the .png files and the .grd files are uploaded to the CCOM FTP site.