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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Mac Mini wrestling...

Okay, so I didn't quite give up when I said I did.  More notes on this install.

1) Downloaded Xcode 4.3 and then tried a fink install but it whined about not finding a c compiler.  After some googling, I found out that you need to download the command line tools from the "Downloads" tab within Xcode's preferences.  This is pretty complicated for us "hello_world.c" folks.

2) After doing that, trying a fink installation again.  Jumped into the fink install directory and did "./bootstrap" and ran with all the defaults.  It attempted to make a new /sw2 directory so I killed the job and did 'sudo mv /sw /sw_fail' to get that out of the way then launched the bootstrap script again.

After a few minutes:

3) After fink installed, I typed:


This setup the fink path by creating a .profile file in my ~ (one wasn't there already, not sure what it would have done if one was).

Then typed:

    fink selfupdate-rsync
    fink index -f

That's it and probably a good spot to stop for tonight...

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  1. I'm used to the fink side of things, but "Dear Apple, WTF?" I had similar annoying issues: